Oksana Keefe, owner

The Early Days

Hi there! My name is Oksana Keefe,I am the founder of the BePawsitive Pet Care and a proud mama of a lovable furrypuppy kisses butt-wiggler named Tommy.

I was born and raised in Ukraine, Eastern Europe. My mom says that I have been drawn to anything fluffy, furry or feathery since I could crawl. When I was growing up I would bring puppies, kittens, hedgehogs and birds home begging my parents to let me keep them. I’d spend summers in the country helping my grandparents to care for horses, cows, goats, pigs, chickens and other barn animals. Every night my brother and I would try sneaking in our guard dog to the house to snuggle in my bed. It broke my heart he had to live in that awful dog house…

As we have not had any pets back home in the city, stray dogs became my little companions. Sadly, we had so many of them roaming the streets. I’d feed them, love them,deliver their puppies and care for them. 
My 13th birthday was the happiest day of my childhood. The most adorable, rambunctious cocker spaniel puppy came into my life. We named him Charlie. Later, we took in a stray cat named Stasik, and then another one, Timka.
In high school I started volunteering at the local petting zoo (or an all-animal shelter as you’d call in today). I worked there till I graduated college. I miss that place and its little residents dearly.

The Big Move

I moved to the United States in 2008 as part of an Au-Pair in America exchange program. I worked as a live-in nanny in Hanover, taking care of 4 beautiful children, traveling and learning about American people and culture.
After being done with my Au-Pair program, I continued to work as a nanny. One of the families I worked for had two adorable older dogs who I watched when they traveled. I’ve started pet sitting and dog walking for them and other families in that neighborhood on the weekends,while still working as a nanny full time. I loved spending time with children, but I always knew I wanted to dedicate my life to working with animals. It made me truly happy. 

Pet Care As a Career

I wanted to not just be good, but great at what I do. And for that, I needed to learn. A LOT.  I started dog walking for an established pet sitting company. Then came the opportunity to work at the doggy day care. In the course of 6 years I worked my way up to a managing position.I would spend over 50 hrs a week working with dogs and gaining more and more hands-on experience, loving every minute of it. This has been the most fulfilling and amazing time and tremendous learning opportunity. 

In 2015 I decided to take the next step and enrolled in a comprehensive Master Class Program by Catch Canine Trainers Academy, to learn more about training and dog behavior on a deeper level. All this has given me a boost of knowledge and confidence to fulfill my dream and start my own pet sitting and dog walking company. And so Be Pawsitive Pet Care was born!

They say, you don’t need to work a day in your life if you love what you do. I consider myself so lucky to have found that.The pets I care for are the love of my life. Each one of them is so special, that I could dedicate a whole book just talking about it.No matter what makes them happy – be it a fun walk, chasing a ball or a feather, learning something new, cuddles or slobbery kisses – I want to be there to provide it for them when you are away! 

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